Does a Speeding Ticket Affect Your Insurance?

If you’ve received a speeding ticket recently and you’re wondering if you’ll be able to see the increase in your vehicle insurance costs. You’ll likely be charged more for insurance after being found guilty of speeding. However, the amount you’ll have to pay will vary based on your driving record and other factors such as location, speed, and more.

Can a speeding ticket impact the insurance policy?

Indeed, speeding tickets aren’t affordable. The regular speeding access in California can be as high as several hundred dollars after fees and other charges for a basic $35 fine. It’s nowhere near the cost of tickets in different regions of the nation (Virginia is reported to have the most severe penalties, with keys that could cost upwards of $1,000! ).

How do speeding tickets affect the cost of insurance?

It doesn’t matter if it’s auto, life, homeowners, or business. Insurers base their premiums on the risk they are willing to take when issuing a policy.

Risk is the amount of risk of past actions – that the company determines the likelihood it will have to settle the claim under your policy at some time. The greater your risk is, the greater the premium you will pay.

In the case of car insurance, the risk is primarily determined by your driving record, particularly in the last few years. Speeding is among the most frequent traffic citations. It’s also considered a solid indicator of accidents at fault. These increase the chance that insurance companies will have to cover an amount for a claim.

You’ll pay a higher price to offset the anticipated risk to factor in more danger within the coverage. The insurance company will check your driving record when you purchase the policy. However, they will also check your driving history periodically following the fact. Your insurance premium will likely increase if traffic-related violations appear on your report.

If you have more than a few violations, your company may end your employment.

How much will car insurance rise following a speeding ticket?

NerdWallet’s evaluated rates across the United States for a hypothetical driver aged 35 caught for speeding 16 mph above the speed allowed. The research revealed that car insurance typically increases by about 25% following an incident of speeding. A person guilty of speeding will be charged $2,043 annually for full coverage insurance, which is $413 more than someone with a clean criminal track record.

However, the financial hardship will be based on many factors, such as the state you reside in and your chosen insurance provider. While most auto insurance companies will increase rates after the occurrence of two speeding violations, However, not all insurers raise rates in the wake of a single ticket.

Average car insurance rates by the company after a speeding ticket

If you’ve been ticketed for speeding If you’ve been cited for speeding, you’ll want to select the lowest-priced car insurance company. This could not be the one that was the most affordable before.

Certain insurers we examined have more than doubled their rates for those who received a speeding ticket, while others shrugged the issue off. Some smaller local insurers like; Idaho Farm Bureau, Kentucky Farm Bureau, and Umialik. Did not distinguish car insurance rates for drivers who had or did not have the speeding penalty.

American Family had the lowest average rate increase after issuing a speeding fine: less than $22 per month in the top ten of the country’s biggest auto insurance firms. The most significant increases were among Farmers and Travelers.

While it is among the largest insurance companies across the nation, Liberty Mutual is not included in our analysis since it doesn’t provide rate information.

USAA typically has the lowest rates. However, it’s only available to veterans, active military, and their family members. Due to this, we have included its rates in this article but do not rate it.

Here are the typical rates for the 35-year-old driver who purchased full coverage insurance after an incident with a speeding fine, from the smallest rise to the most expensive.

CompanyAverage annual rate after a speeding ticketThe increase compared to a driver with a clean record
American Family$1,715$261
State Farm$1,669$288

Average car insurance rates per state after a speeding ticket

In New Hampshire, a speeding ticket could cost you $10.25 per month for your car insurance costs.

However, in Michigan, where the average automobile insurance premiums have already been high, you could pay the extra $92 per month to get insurance if you’re caught speeding.

Below are the typical rates and price hikes for full coverage insurance following a speeding incident to get an idea of what you can expect in your state.

StateAverage rate after a speeding ticketThe increase compared to a driver with a clean record
New Hampshire$1,267$123
New Jersey$2,518$617
New Mexico$1,744$283
New York$2,348$340
North Carolina$1,873$619
North Dakota$1,506$273
Rhode Island$2,537$472
South Carolina$1,892$331
South Dakota$1,702$236
Washington, D.C.$2,188$321
West Virginia$1,876$296

Minimum Vs. Full coverage after a speeding ticket

Suppose you’re covered with full coverage car insurance and aren’t happy with the amount you’ll pay following the speeding penalty. In that case, It is possible to think about reducing the amount of coverage.

The minimum car insurance required is usually less than half of the total coverage following speeding tickets. Our analysis revealed. The average annual cost for car insurance following the issuance of a speeding visa:

  • $2,043 for complete coverage.
  • $710 for minimum coverage.

Be cautious when you decide on this option, but. Suppose you have a basic auto insurance policy that doesn’t include comprehensive or collision insurance. If you cause a crash, the insurance company won’t cover the damage to your vehicle. It’s logical in the case of a car that isn’t worth any money. However, if you’re in the process of getting an auto lease or loan that you are a part of, the lender will likely require that you have all insurance.

What do you need to do to reduce the cost of car insurance after a speeding violation?

If your primary concern is costs, it’s only natural to ask how much the price of a speeding ticket increases your insurance. The amount will depend on your driving record and the insurance company. However, there could be ways to cut down on the price of insurance for your car after a speeding fine.

There’s no need to be responsible for paying traffic class, the fine, and any fees that go with it. You need to check whether you are eligible to take a defensive driving course to avoid having points added to your driving record. If you do, you’ve made a great decision, which will help you save money over the long term.

It would be best if you were committed to being an experienced driver and more attentive to speed driving in the next step. A single speeding ticket isn’t an end in itself, but getting a lot of tickets will not do you much good in the area of savings.

Determining whether the speeding penalty could affect your car insurance rates is essential. The insurance company could not pursue any steps when you’ve had a favorable driving record that is not a single incident on a clean report.

If your insurance company decides to increase the cost of your car insurance, it could be for several years. Based on the rate of increase and your personal preference, it might be beneficial to look around and consider other options for coverage.

Final Thoughts

If you’re hit with speeding tickets, you could be worried and wondering what amount of insurance will go up following a speeding ticket. How much will insurance go up after that? It could be a few hundred dollars, based on your history, insurance company, and whether you can use the defensive route. While it may be costly, the one-time incident is as if you’ve received a message that the world is sending you to slow your speed.

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