10 Online Banking Courses | Free and Paid

The online banking guides available expose both professionals and students alike to exceptional educational and practical content that would otherwise have been difficult for them to access.

Online banking courses leverage the interconnectivity of computers—commonly known as the internet—to offer students, who might otherwise find it challenging to pursue their dreams, the opportunity to become certified professionals in the field of banking.

The adoption of the internet as a method of education has become widespread and highly sought after by students and professionals alike. One of the main reasons attributed to this choice is the level of freedom and flexibility it provides to learners using this medium.

However, learning via the internet is not without its challenges, particularly for those who are not mature or disciplined enough to identify and prioritize what is important. A prime example of this is children.

To address this, parents and guardians are encouraged to enroll their children in some of the best online charter schools where they can receive the necessary attention and instruction tailored to their learning pace.

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Benefits of Taking Banking Courses Online

If you are interested in enrolling in any of the available online banking courses, you must first convince yourself that you are well-suited to be fully focused and determined to take full advantage of the benefits. These benefits can sometimes distract you from the goal of course completion and certification.

According to my research, there are numerous benefits to be enjoyed by students and prospective students who choose online banking courses as a means of furthering their education. These include:

  1. You receive a professional qualification online upon completion from an internationally recognized institute.
  2. It is an extremely convenient learning option for part-time and professional students with busy work schedules.
  3. Resources are accessible at any time from any location in the world.
  4. You are trained at your preferred location.
  5. You have the opportunity to interact with other students and facilitators online to clarify any doubts through discussion forums and chats.
  6. You also have the chance to distinguish yourself from other banking professionals.
  7. You gain the added advantage of achieving distinction from the comfort of your home.

MBA Investment Banking and Equity Research—Jain University, Bangalore

The Master of Business Administration in Banking and Equity Research program at Jain University in Bangalore is designed to provide students who wish to advance their careers with a richer professional path.

The online MBA Investment Banking and Equity Research course covers the various stages and techniques involved in equity research. Students who enroll in Jain University’s online MBA program in Investment Banking and Equity Research will develop essential skills such as financial statement analysis, modeling and valuation, and transaction execution.

Additionally, they will learn to use spreadsheets and gain expertise in various key financial and investment banking techniques.

Certificate Course in Banking—Welingkar Mumbai

You may also enroll in the Certificate Course in Banking from Welingkar Education, which is a hybrid learning program. Both new graduates and working professionals can participate in this six-month training program. This course will enhance or strengthen your existing general management skills. The course faculty comprises seasoned academicians and industry professionals.

Anyone with a high school diploma is eligible to enroll in the banking certification course. Graduates can apply for this training program as well. There are eight subjects in total, and you will be provided with specially created study materials. To enhance your learning outcomes in the field of banking, you will also receive an e-learning toolset for each course.

For improved learning, the Welingkar Education Certificate Course in Banking includes in-depth video lectures, practice tests, presentations, and more. You may participate in the regularly organized industrial visits by paying a nominal fee. During the program, candidates can also engage in game-based learning workshops, one-day seminars, and film learning sessions.

Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking

Candidates may enroll in the online Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking (PGCRB) course, which allows students to participate in the instruction they provide. The course aims to give students a more comprehensive understanding of banking and aid in their job preparation. Online instruction will provide students with a consistent setting in which to learn and grow.

The candidates will study the various operations and policies of banking throughout the course. Candidates can ask questions at any moment during the session, and the team of experts’ knowledge is crucial. As part of their training, candidates will also participate in lab sessions.

The candidates will receive a Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking (PGCRB) after successfully completing the course. They can use this qualification in the future to secure employment in any of the sectors.

Management of Commercial Banking—IIT Kharagpur

Swayam’s Management of Commercial Banking certification course covers a variety of topics and risks that commercial banks need to address, including general functions, laws, metrics for measuring bank performance, stock valuation, asset-liability management, and more. The main focus is the management of commercial bank risks such as credit risk, interest rate risk, and liquidity risk.

The Management of Commercial Banking certification syllabus was developed by IIT Kharagpur, the institution that offers this FDP, to ensure that it thoroughly covers all the relevant topics. Candidates will discuss managing deposits, making investments, managing bank liquidity, making loans, managing bank capital, and conducting off-balance activities.

Candidates will also gain an understanding of the various non-interest revenue-generating operations performed by banks, financial guarantees, and the methods used for managing foreign currencies. There are no prerequisites for the online training course Management of Commercial Banking, which is available for a free audit. This Management Studies course is of the elective type.

Digital Banking Business Model—State Bank of India via edX

The online course “Digital Banking Business Model” examines key aspects of creating your business model and successfully carrying out digital transformation initiatives. You will become familiar with the various notions of digital transformation and changes facilitated by technology.

These include the optimal use of mobile devices, the potential for incorporating innovative technologies, and the provision of all services on a single platform.

An introductory course in business and management offered by edX is called Digital Banking Business Model. The State Bank of India has made it available, and it allows for flexible, independent study.

You can also design omnichannel models, employ exponential technologies for a customer’s goals, direct a customer’s journey, and more by becoming proficient in the essential topics thanks to the varied curriculum.

The four-week course, Digital Banking Business Model, involves 2-4 hours of weekly study time. There are no essential prerequisites for participating, and it offers certification.

However, having a basic understanding of the banking industry will help you comprehend the educational material better. Additionally, there are admissions options available: paid audit and free audit.

CAIIB Advanced Bank Management—Udemy

Raja Natarajan, a Chartered Accountant, and instructor created the CAIIB Advanced Bank Management (Part I) certification course, which is available on Udemy for anyone looking to break into the banking and finance industry by becoming a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers.

The first part of the advanced bank management course, CAIIB Advanced Bank Management (Part I), covers the entire CAIIB exam syllabus.

Udemy’s online CAIIB Advanced Bank Management (Part I) programs are over 20 hours long and include in-depth video lectures, bank management articles, and a downloadable resource that covers the theoretical aspect of the topics covered in the online classes.

Advanced topics in bank management are covered in this course, including economics, business economics, financial laws, demand elasticity, cost, revenue, time series, correlation, linear programming, cash flow, and many more.

Banking Credit Analysis—Udemy

Any bank’s primary method for understanding, analyzing, and assessing a customer’s veracity, honesty, financial situation, repayment capacity, and other characteristics is known as credit analysis.

Before offering any new loans to customers, bankers must carefully examine their clients and apply the Credit Analysis method precisely when dealing with new customers.

People who want to become professional bankers by learning the financial principles and techniques used in the banking and finance sector to analyze their clients can take the Banking Credit Analysis Process (for Bankers) online certification course, which was created by Raja Natarajan, a Chartered Accountant, and made available by Udemy.

For those training to become bankers as well as current bankers, the online course Banking Credit Analysis Process (for Bankers) aims to provide a reference on the essential aspects of the credit analysis process.

Online courses on “Process of Banking Credit Analysis (for Bankers)” cover a wide range of banking and finance topics that enable candidates to compute and analyze different financial positions, including “financial statement analysis,” “term loan analysis,” “working capital analysis,” “ratio analysis,” “financial ratio,” “break-even analysis,” “sensitivity analysis,” “supply chain financing,” and “credit” and “credit scoring.”

Participants who successfully complete this course will be better equipped to confidently and accurately design bank loan proposals.

Digital Banking Masterclass—Udemy

Digital banking automates traditional financial activities. Due to the expansion of digital banking, customers of banks may now access banking products and services online or through an electronic platform.

Digital banking involves digitizing all aspects of banking operations in order to eliminate the requirement for customers to visit a branch and replacing the bank’s physical presence with a seamless online identity. Rian Chapman, Senior Digital Product Manager, developed the online certification program for “Digital Banking” (Masterclass), which is made available through Udemy.

In order to provide students with a complete grasp of the concepts and principles related to digital banking, the Digital Banking – Masterclass online course offers 2 hours of digital lectures that are supplemented by articles, 19 downloadable materials, and assignments.

Online courses offered by Digital Banking – Masterclass cover topics such as digital banking channels, architecture, functionality, and systems in addition to helping candidates in developing the skills and knowledge necessary to secure employment in the field of digital banking.

A Course in Innovations of Digital Banking – A Global View—Udemy

Potential participants in the financial ecosystem have more independence thanks to emerging technology. Unlike well-established banks, they are given dynamics that allow for rapid experimentation.

A course on digital banking innovations from a global perspective Designed for students who want to learn about the ongoing decline in the dominance of large banking firms to access the banking sector and want to impress the recruiter assuming fierce competition, the certification was created by Shripad Vaidya, a digital banking expert, and is made available by Udemy.

A course on digital banking innovations from a global perspective an online course that covers topics such as banking operations, the banking revolution, internet banking, direct banking, new technology banking, mobile banking, and more delivers 2.5 hours of prerecorded lectures along with 2 downloaded lectures.

A course on digital banking innovations from a global perspective Additionally, case studies from current technological innovations in fields like robotics, machine learning, fintech, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, AR, VR, IoT, open banking, blockchain, and more are included in online lessons.


The online banking courses are offered to students by some of the most experienced banking professionals in the world, who take into account the ever-growing relationship between internet technologies and banking processes. Why don’t you take full advantage of this by enrolling in any of these courses?

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